2002 Roadtrek 190 Versatile - 11/6/23 - Fiamma Awning Removal

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2002 Roadtrek 190 Versatile - 11/6/23 - Fiamma Awning Removal

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Due to the fact that the van was leaking water into the headliner on the passenger front window area, I found it necessary to remove the Fiamma awning so that I would be able to apply a bead of sealant along the entire seam in the channel/gutter where the Fiberglas roof is attached to the van. You can read about the leak here:


In order to remove the awning it is necessary to "open" the 6 pop rivets that attach the awning to the three aluminum brackets that are attached to the Fiberglas roof. There are two rivets per bracket and you will see them once you open the awning up. I opened the awning about 2 feet - no need to put the legs up. When I say open the rivets I mean remove the rivet heads. Initially I was going to drill them out, but then I got to thinking that it might be better to use a chisel and chisel them off. This method would leave more substance in that the rivet would not be entirely removed. This will make more sense once you see it. Once the 6 rivets have their heads removed the awning will still be attached to the brackets by a lip on the bracket that goes into the groove on the awning. In essence the awning hangs on the brackets and is attached to the roof with the rivets.So once the rivet heads are removed it is hanging there.

Now, with a helper and two small ladders or step stools, grab each end of the awning and slowly rock the awning back and forth until it breaks free from the hold that the rivets still have in place. It will seem a bit tough but they will break free - you will feel it when they do. Once free, lift the awning up and off of the brackets.

Once I did this, I cleaned the entire gutter/channel and applied a bead of sealant along the entire seam where the roof meets the Fiberglas top. I let this cure for a day and then soaked it with water. No more leaks! While the awning was off I also cleaned and waxed the roof.

The reason I recommend that you chisel the rivet heads instead of drilling them out is because when I re attached the awning to the van, I used stainless steel screws with LocTite and screwed them into the remaining body of the rivets. These were tightly secured because the rivet material was still in the holes and there was a premade pilot hole for the screws. You can see what I mean in this picture, the two small hole are the rivets with the heads removed.

AwningBracket1.jpg (63.9 KiB) Viewed 25118 times

Here is a picture of the awning removed. It is pretty heavy and you will need a helper for this job. I cleaned and waxed the awning while it was removed from the van. I was thinking about opening it while it was off so that I could really give the vinyl top a good cleaning, however, I did not do that because I figured that I might mess something up.

AwningRemoved.jpg (65.65 KiB) Viewed 25118 times
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