2002 Roadtrek 190 Versatile - 6/11/22 - Lube Job

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2002 Roadtrek 190 Versatile - 6/11/22 - Lube Job

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Purchased a mini grease gun from Harbor Freight to perform a lube job. I found the following zerks:

2 Upper Ball Joints
2 Lower Ball Joints
2 inner tie rod ends
2 outer tie rod ends
Pitman Arm at top - this was a bit difficult to find and access.
Pitman arm at relay rod
Idler Arm at relay rod
Idler Arm at top at passenger side fender wall

Applied grease in an amount to make the seals bulge - with the exception of the pitman arm and idler arms where I pumped grease in these to the extent that I observed watery grease being expelled thru the seals - but not expel grease as I do not want to blow the seals. The watery grease concerns me in that it would seem to indicate that these fittings have been neglected and the grease in there is in dire need to be expelled and replaced with new grease. I wil be adding more until I see the new stuff coming out. This may or may not be the correct process but I figured this was safe. I am still investigating this.

There are fittings on the drive shaft at the u joints that I am not currently able to access - these will be addressed when I am back in North Royalton where I have access to the proper jacks and ramps to access them.
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