2002 Roadtrek 190 Versatile - 5/13/2022 - House Battery Check

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2002 Roadtrek 190 Versatile - 5/13/2022 - House Battery Check

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I noticed the house battery was not charging too well so I wanted to take it out and throw it on the charger to get a read. I removed the panel that covers the house battery box and drawer and tried to pull the drawer forward. It did not come forward enough to remove the battery cables easily. I got the negative off pretty easily, however the positive cables were tight. I had to become a contortionist to get them off. Here I find out that the cables are too short and restrict the movement of the battery where it could not go forward. I will be off to the parts store tomorrow to get some battery cable to extend it so it functions properly. Not certain what that was not done originally.

Also, cleaned the battery compartment and drawer slides. They were dirty but in overall solid condition and will perform as intended. I have plans to add a second house battery in the compartment in the front of the passenger side tire. There will be no drawer and holes will need to be drilled for the cabling. However, this compartment was intended for a second battery so might as well use it.

The plans for tomorrow are as follows:

Fix the battery cables
Changing the engine oil and filter
Change the generator oil
Attaching weatherstrips on the doors
Check the brakes

Lets see if all of this actually happens. I have to get the van ready for our trip to Ohio at the end of June.
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